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Ron Funches On What He’s Looking Forward To At All In, Similarities In Comedy And Wrestling Personas

Ron Funches spoke with Kevin Kellam for Wrestlezone at Starrcast; you can read a few transcribed highlights and listen to the full interview below:

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Funches on the similarities in setup of wrestling and comedy:

I definitely see it the same way. A lot of it, when you’re on stage and your stage persona, which often is yourself turned up to 11. It’s just figuring out who I am and turning it up and trying to get more pops.

I’m friends with more wrestlers now, I hang out with X-Pac quite a bit. His mindset for entertainment overall, and what people want to hear and what gets people into a venue, it works whether it was wrestling, music, comedy; it just works for entertainment. I learned a lot from them. I learned from Bruce Prichard by listening to the [Something To Wrestle] podcast.

Funches on what he’s looking forward to at All In: 

To me, the selling point is the whole event. It’s just the fact that this exists. I’ve been calling it ‘Wrestling Mecca’ because if you’re a part of wrestling or you love wrestling, you just wanted to be here. This is truly by the wrestlers, for the wrestlers, for wrestling fans.

It’s the event itself, but if you want a specific match, Kenny Omega versus Pentagon Jr. I love Pentagon, I love Kenny; I’d like to see Kenny try to work more of Pentagon’s style; that’d be fun to watch. I’m just very excited for that. I’m also excited for Joey Janela versus Adam Page in a Chicago Street Fight. I grew up in Chicago, one of my favorite memories was going to Spring Stampede and seeing the Nasty Boys versus Maxx Payne and Cactus Jack in a Chicago Street Fight. I’ve seen the Road Warriors in a couple of Chicago Street Fights, so the fact that they have [that match] at the event makes me so excited.