(L to R) Ron Funches, Tony Schiavone, Cody Rhodes, Maffhew, Brandi Rhodes, Scorpio Sky at Starrcast Botchamania. August 31, 2018.

Cody Rhodes, Brandi & Scorpio Sky Makes A Surprise Appearance At Starrcast’s Botchamania

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The first night of Starrcast closed out with a Botchamania event that featured comedian Ron Funches, Tony Schiavone and Botchamania founder Maffew that was hosted by Casio Kid.

The segment involved the trio giving their thoughts on classic clips of wrestlers (think Mystery Science Theater, but with poorly missed moonsaults). Even despite the fact that Maffew wasn’t allowed to use WWE licensed clips (that revelation did get some boos), the 500-something people in the audience were still engaged. The crowd played and chanted along in the humor, particularly because of the comedic timing of Funches and Schiavone. Funches took a dig at Tony’s infamous line about Mick Foley‘s title win on Raw and Schiavone perfectly oversold the moment’s impact.

Cody & Brandi Rhodes along with Scorpio Sky came out for a surprise appearance that got the crowd on their feet. Cody observed an EVOLVE botched call involving Drew McIntyre & Johnny Gargano before giving his own story of squared circle cringe in which Ted DiBiase Jr. didn’t kick out of a pin only four minutes into the match when they still had two segments to fill. Rhodes said DiBiase’s wild reaction in Gorilla (and misuse of a curse word) even got Vince McMahon to stifle his anger over the mishap.

Schiavone did do live commentary on a little person getting launched off a ring apron from a baseball slide and the Starrcast crowd loved every bit of that. In its own unique way, the entire end-cap event played up appropriately to the Botchamania name and ended the first night of Starrcast on a very positive note, leaving people to debate which was better, The Monday Night Wars Debate or Botchamania.

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