Mike Killam

Mike Killam

Mike Killam is a news reporter and editorialist for Wrestlezone.com, and an avid fan of the television and film industry. He’s in charge of all pay-per-view previews and reviews, and provides live coverage for all TNA events. To submit news or fan reports for Wrestlezone.com to Mike directly, please use the following email:


Mike was born and raised in the NW suburbs of Chicago, IL and currently resides outside of Portland, OR. He has been following pro wrestling since 1997, and the first contest he recalls seeing in its entirety was a ladder match between Eddie Guerrero and Syxx at the ’97 WCW Souled Out pay-per-view. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels hold a special place in his heart, particularly for their legendary feud in 2008. Even though he’s from Chicago, he rocks support for Green Bay and Michigan State football, and has been known to wave the red flag for Manchester United.

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