Stone Cold Steve Austin Interviews Top WWE Superstar, Former Announcer and Wrestler Celebrate Birthdays, Larry The Cable Guy Sends Thanks

Steve Austin Podcast

steve austinStone Cold Steve Austin has a new podcast up. His latest guest is Bray Wyatt. The description on the podcast reads as follows:

“WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt has plenty to say about being a 3rd generation wrestler, the evolution of his character, the advice he got from Freddie Prinze Jr, how he found his theme music & character name, how Axel Mulligan fits into it all, and the role Rage Against The Machine & Slipknot played in his career.”

Wrestling Birthdays

Former WWE announcer Josh Matthews turns 34 years old today. WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Valiant turns 68.

Larry The Cable Guy

Larry The Cable Guy sent out the following Tweet, thanking fans and Santino for his appearance on WWE Raw last night. Also, a picture of him and Vince McMahon is shown, while other pictures can be seen on his official Twitter account.