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WWE Fastlane Results: Noam Dar & Brian Kendrick vs Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa

WWE Fastlane Kickoff Match: Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann vs. THE Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar w/Alicia Fox 

Kendrick immediately tags in Dar. Tozawa and Dar goes into a collar and elbow tie up. Tozawa blocks a right hand from Dar. Tozawa barks at Dar. Kendrick is tagged in. Kendrick with a clubbing blow to the back of Tozawa. Kendrick and Dar go for a double vertical suplex, but Swann and Tozawa counter with dropkicks in stereo. Swann and Tozawa teases a dive, but Alicia Fox stands afront of Kendrick and Dar. Kendrick catapults Tozawa throat to the top rope for a two count. Kendrick kicks Tozawa in the back. Kendrick lands a snap suplex for a two count. Kendrick applies a rear chin lock. Kendrick with a big boot. Tozawa with a head scissors takedown. Dar and Swann are tagged in.

Swann with a spinning heel kick. Swann follows that up with a Double Stomp to the back. Swann with a Standing Frog Splash for a two count. Swann tosses Kendrick to the outside. Dar whips Swann face first to the steel ring post. Dar rolls Swann back into the ring. Dar with an arm-ringer to Swann. Dar tags in Kendrick. Kendrick chokes Swann with his boot in the corner. Kendrick with a drop toe hold. Kendrick goes for the Capitan’s Hook, but Swann blocks it. Kendrick tags in Dar.

Dar continues to cut the ring in half. Dar gets Swann trapped in an arm-bar. Dar uppercuts Swann. Swann goes for a backslide, but Dar gets back on his feet. Swann connects with the Roundhouse Kick. Swann tags in Tozawa. Tozawa with a sunset flip followed by a standing senton for a two count. Tozawa goes for the snap german suplex, but Kendrick makes the tag to Dar. Tozawa and Swann tosses Kendrick to the outside. Tozawa drops Kendrick with a Suicide Dive. Swann drops Dar with the Somersault Plancha. Tozawa with a Shining Wizard to Kendrick. Dar takes out the legs of Tozawa. Swann with a Roundhouse Kick to Dar. Swann follows that up with another Roundhouse Kick to Kendrick. Tozawa connects with the Snap German Suplex. Swann connects with the Phoenix Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann