Matthew Goldberg

Matthew Goldberg

Collectibles Columnist

Matt has enjoyed collecting wrestling action figures since he was very young. He enjoys recreating popular wrestling moments in action figure form via wrestling figure photography as seen on his popular and respected Instagram, mbg1211 , which has led to his growing success on social media over the years. His wrestling figure content, whether video or photo, has earned him recognition over the past decade from companies like: WWE, AEW, TNA, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Mattel, Jazwares, Ringside Collectibles, The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast,, and many more as well as multiple pro wrestling personalities. His photography work can be seen on some of the AEW toy line packaging, too! Besides his passion for wrestling, Matt enjoys collecting action figures from his favorite shows and movies, producing toy photography, playing video games, spending time with his wife/family/friends and his dog to name a few!

If you ever have questions about wrestling figures feel free to reach out as chances are he knows the answer or can guide you to it! To keep up with more wrestling figure news follow him at @WrestleFigNews on Twitter! If you'd like to have your product featured please email