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Extreme-Sets Arena Section Pop-Up and Arena 3.5 Pop-Up Dioramas In-Depth Review (Photos)

Extreme-Sets.com released their new Area Section Pop-Up Diorama and Arena 3.5 Pop-Up Diorama recently to upgrade all your wrestling action figure displays and setups! We got our hands on them so let’s take a closer look!

Arena 3.5 Pop-Up Diorama

If you’re not familiar with the Extreme-Sets products they are highly detailed, printed cardboard pieces that you assemble to create a super awesome display piece, such as a wrestling arena crowd all in 1/12 scale, typical action figure scale. It even comes with fans and crowd barriers that you arrange however you see fit.

This updated set comes with new crowd people you can see in the Arena Section Pop-Up as well. These people are holding crowd signs, belts and other wrestling-esque memorabilia you’d see at a wrestling show. The VIP box section you see in the arena is now 3D as well. This one measures 85 inches x 36 inches (215.9cm x 91.4cm) panel and can also be assembled flat or at a 90 degree angle.

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your wrestling figure display or have a little one who wants to take their arenas to the next level you don’t want to miss this one! The updated crowd is a really nice touch to create the illusion of a crowd watching your figures battle. And it pairs perfect with your Mattel WWE and Jazwares AEW rings, figures and accessories!

You can order it here and SAVE 15% with discount code MBG1211 at checkout!

Arena Section Pop-Up Diorama

The newest addition to the wrestling line at Extreme-Sets is the Arena Section Pop-Up Diorama, also made out of cardboard! This new display piece has fans on steps that rise, creating a more realistic arena look and feel to the rows of an arena that scale. It even has fake curtains and exit signs behind them to create the full illusion.

These dioramas come in ones, so if you want them to fit your entire arena setup with the 3.5 Pop-Up you would want two to create the full 180-degree look of the arena as you can see below. The fans on this one are just as detailed as the 3.5 with crowd signs, accessories and other wrestling memorabilia in their hands. One of these measures 36 inches wide x 10 inches deep  x 20 inches tall.

You can order one of these here and also SAVE 15% with discount code MBG1211 at checkout!


Overall, both of these new additions to the Extreme-Sets wrestling line are great for upgrading or just starting your official wrestling figure arena setups! These are very popular amongst the wrestling figure photography community especially, as seen above, as they really help create the full arena feel. Kids love them too as it helps mimic what they see on TV every week!

Extreme-Sets also offers locker rooms, ring mats and other style wrestling arenas just to name a few that you can see here that I highly recommend you check out if you weren’t aware. All great options for the holidays especially.

If you’d like to grab these you can also pay with the payment plan options via ShopPay or PayPal pay-in-four to make payments easier during the holidays or anytime of year! Don’t forget to use discount code MBG1211 to SAVE 15% or wait for some of their epic holiday sales!

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