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Jay White Credits Finn Balor For Helping Him Get To NJPW The Way He Did

Unlike Tama Tonga, current Bullet Club leader Jay White has no issues with The Young Bucks or Kenny Omega.

Jay White was a recent guest on The Sessions With Renee Paquette to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the original Bullet Club leader Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt), White admits he probably would have never gone to New Japan Pro-Wrestling to begin with if not for Balor.

“I wouldn’t have got to New Japan, I wouldn’t say at all, could have been another way, but I wouldn’t have gotten there the way that I did if it wasn’t for Fergal/Finn Balor,” Jay White said. “Because we sighted a year in England in 2013, and then we actually booked him on our shows early 2014, so he came over. I met him through that; he did a couple of our shows. We stayed in touch.

“A few months later, he came back over for another company. I went up and saw him again; that’s when I met Shinsuke [Nakamura]. I met Bad Luck Fale that time as well. And then from there, because he had just left New Japan by the time I saw him in England, he was about to head to WWE, and I know Fale kept doing stuff behind the scenes, and he kind of got me the spot over there. Fergal is a guy; I see him every now and then, chat every now and then, but I feel like we have a good relationship without. It’s not like we’re close personal friends or anything if that makes sense. I know he’s always been a guy that I always can look out if I need anything; he’ll say just reach out. So great dude from the start, and yeah, wouldn’t have got to where I did the way I did if it wasn’t for him.”

Jay White took over The Bullet Club in 2018 after The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega departed to create All Elite Wrestling. When asked if he feels any pressure to carry on the faction without them, White says it doesn’t feel like a weight on his shoulders.

“I’ve never felt the need for it; I don’t feel like it’s a weight on my shoulders type of thing,” Jay White said. “I think with the Bullet Club; I don’t put too much weight on my shoulders. I think that’s what Tama Tonga did, and he kind of drove himself a little bit crazy with it, so we kind of had to cut him out of it. He seemed to have so much pressure on himself trying to carry Bullet Club, whereas my way is doing things with it is that I’m gonna kinda put myself out there with Bullet Club attached to me, as opposed to trying to focus on Bullet Club. And that may sound selfish in some ways, but it works out if each guy kinda focuses on themselves while still surrounded by the team as opposed to making Bullet Club number one over themselves. So I don’t really feel the pressure of it, but I think there is an opportunity there for me to go back and maybe mend some of those relationships and connections.”

Speaking of mending past relationships and connections. Jay White recently appeared on All Elite Wrestling to assist The Young Bucks and Adam Cole as they were dealing with The Best Friends at the time. Despite popular belief, White reveals he has no issues with The Young Bucks or Kenny Omega.

“I know guys like Tama may have had issues with The Young Bucks; I don’t have issues with them,” Jay White revealed. “I don’t even have issues with Kenny [Omega], I know some people think we do, but I know Tama had issues with him. So that’s why Tama, T, they’re cut because they’re the guys making things difficult, so now we can actually move forward and onto bigger and better things.”

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What do you make of Jay White’s comments? Would you like to see a united Bullet Club again someday in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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