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Terry Funk On Why Wrestling Is In Good Hands With Dustin & Cody Rhodes (Exclusive)

The legendary Terry Funk believes loves conquers all and that includes professional wrestling.

Funk spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo as the two talked all the details of his 2005 autobiography Terry Funk: More Than Just Hardcore to discuss his family legacy, but another historic wrestling family that was brought up happened to be a longtime friend and rival in Dusty Rhodes. Terry was asked about what he thought of the terrific run that both of Dusty’s boys in Dustin and Cody have been on and Funk had some fond comparisons to make.

“I think all the Rhodes are phenomenal in-ring performers and I think Cody is as sharp as you can get. They’ve all got great minds for the business. It’s a similar situation to the Funk family. You got the Rhodes family there, very similar to my brother and I growing up in the business. Our father passed away at a young age. He was 54, but that’s not old, no.”

And Dusty himself was taken far too soon as well. Terry went on to state how much confidence he has in those two grandsons of a plumber.

“Dusty, he passed away and I think those kids they are in love with their father and that makes them in love with the business and they love the business and they will do the right thing and they will continue on in it. They don’t ever want to give up,” he said.

Earlier in the interview, Terry talked about the importance of having family and his adoration for his late wife Vicki after receiving an impromptu phone call from his daughter Brandee who currently resides in Arizona.

“It keeps you on your feet,” he said. “You’re not off balance and what I mean by that is is you can get pretty goofy out there on the road, but if you got a wife at home who can keep you in line. Whenever I came back from a match, came back from the house she’d make me push the money before she’d unlock it. I’m just kidding.”

“She made me walk the line, she’s a great one,” he added. “That’s what you gotta have. You gotta have a great one. They’re necessary in life.”

Terry and Dominic cover much more ground in this WrestleZone exclusive including his time as NWA Champion, the good guys in wrestling and the wild characters as well. You can hear their entire hour-long conversation below:

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