2 Dynamite Dudes On A Rampage Bryan Danielson
Photo Credit: AEW

2 Dynamite Dudes On A Rampage LIVE: ‘Yes Bay Bay’ (10:10 PM EST)

This week on a LIVE version of 2 Dynamite Dudes On A Rampage, right after the AEW Dynamite in Cincinnati, Marcus & Dominic recap AEW All Out and the follow-up after the scum bum brothers were both in Chicago over the weekend for all types of wrestling festivities. Dom will discuss being there live for the action and being in the post-show scrum, his thoughts on the debuts of Bryan Danielson & Adam Cole, CM Punk returns, new Tag Champs, the All Out card overall and more!

2 Dynamite Dudes On A Rampage is hosted by WrestleZone and features writer Dominic DeAngelo discussing the weekly ongoings of All Elite Wrestling with his degenerate brother Marcus.

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