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2 Dynamite Dudes On A Rampage LIVE: ‘WKR-Punk In Cincinnati’ (8 PM EST)

This week on the second of two LIVE editions of 2 Dynamite Dudes On A Rampage, degenerate brother Marcus joins slapdick brother Dominic in giving his thoughts on all the aftermath of AEW All Out including Bryan Danielson being put right in the AEW World Title picture. Plus:

  • CM Punk going up against a surly Team Taz!
  • Brian Pillman Jr. laying it all down against MJF!
  • Adam Cole goes “dirtbag boyfriend” on Tony Schiavone!
  • Ruby Soho facing Jamie Hayter!
  • Kevin Owens’ contract situation and potential in AEW!
  • Eddie Kingston & Miro continue their feud!
  • Jon Moxley vs. Minoru Suzuki gets bloody, black and bruised!
  • Tully Blanchard calls out Sting!
  • Matt Hardy wants Orange Cassidy’s hair!
  • and more!

2 Dynamite Dudes On A Rampage is hosted by WrestleZone and features writer Dominic DeAngelo discussing the weekly ongoings of All Elite Wrestling with his degenerate brother Marcus.

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