Ray Lyn

Ray Lyn Wants Blonde Force Trauma To Knock Down Some More Doors In Tag Team Wrestling

Ray Lyn is ready for a Blonde Force Trauma takeover.

Since forming in the summer of 2021, Blonde Force Trauma (Ray Lyn & Heather Monroe) has prided themselves on bringing change to the tag team division, and in March 2022, the duo made a huge step towards that goal. On the site of BCW’s Queen of the North 3, Blonde Force Trauma (BFT) captured their first set of tag team gold, defeating East Coast Syndicate to clutch the Brii Combination Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

If BFT can hold strong through their next title defense on March 18 at BCW’s Anniversary 6 show, they will officially surpass the one-year milestone as champions. Ahead of their title defense, WrestleZone‘s own Ella Jay spoke with Ray Lyn about the progress BFT has made as a team. Though they’ve obtained their first taste of tag team gold, Ray Lyn admits she wants even more for her team.

“I really thought that it was for us [to win the titles], because we are really good friends and I feel like we do things that other people don’t. We put a lot of time into our gear. We put a lot of time into our promotional packages, and I feel like it hasn’t got the buzz we want. So, we’re still pushing. We’re trying to knock down some more doors, maybe get some bigger level indie stuff, or tv. I’d really like to take this team further than we have. Having a little bit of gold, we just have a little taste of what we want right now,” she said.

In addition to collecting more championship gold, Ray Lyn would like to see BFT branch out to an even bigger scale. “I really would like to see us on a tv platform this year. I’m not saying like we have that in stone, but that is a goal. I think it’s possible, I really do.”

After first meeting each other in Los Angeles, it didn’t take long for Ray Lyn and Heather Monroe to establish a close bond, and eventually, form a tag team. “I also like that we bring out different things in each other,” Ray Lyn said. “She’s more of a powerhouse and I’m more of a like, I don’t even know what to call myself, I do all the things. I just feel like we really complement each other on styles, too.”

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