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The Miz Wants To Be The MVP Of Everything

The Miz wants to be recognized for his accomplishments in the ring and on the court.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard recently spoke with The Miz about his WrestleMania resume and potentially adding to it. Miz hosted WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles this year, and he was asked if there was another milestone he had in his sights.

The Miz chose to look back on an honor he should have received this year, noting how his half-court shot nearly won the 2023 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game.

“I should have gotten the NBA MVP this year for the Celebrity [All-Star] game and the reason is I hit a four-point shot. Yes, in celebrity games we have four-point shots. We were down by three and there was 0.7 seconds left. I got it off maybe a little late, maybe one second it took me. But still, when it went in it was a half-court shot,” Miz said. “I should’ve gotten it.

“And then — I know, I did miss it by maybe [one-tenth] of a second. But in that game, we had six people on the court, it’s 6-on-6. We had Richard Jefferson be a referee, a commentator and then a player, like you couldn’t just budge the rules just a little bit to make me the MVP of not only the NBA, but MLB,” said Miz, who is also a two-time MLB Legends & Celebrity Softball Game MVP. “It could have been incredible. It could have been an incredible moment, and then I’m the MVP of WWE, so it’s like [I’d be] the MVP of a little bit of everything.”

The Miz then asked who the MVP of WWE is (besides himself) and Pritchard said it’s hard to argue Roman Reigns being in that conversation. Miz said he’s certainly worthy of that distinction, but there are several names in the conversation.

“He’s compelling television every time he is on that television. You want to see what’s going to happen next. You love the story, you love the character, he’s a main-event, bonafide Superstar. There’s no doubt in my mind, but I think everyone has a choice on their MVP as of right now,” Miz said. “People can make a claim for Sami Zayn, I think people can make a claim for The Usos. I think there’s a lot of talent that could be MVP. Dominik [Mysterio] has been on fire as of late.”

Watch our full interview with The Miz below: