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‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason Wants To Bring A Natty Back To Tennessee

The main event is looking for ‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason, don’t get it twisted.

‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason and Pollo Del Mar spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to promote the 2023 NWA Crockett Cup. Mason (cornered by Del Mar) will challenge EC3 for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship at the event.

Asked for his thoughts about getting a prominent spot on the card, Mason said that he’s looking forward to bringing the title home to Tennessee.

Mason: “Well listen here, I don’t look for main events. Main events look for me. I don’t look for title shots, title shots look for me. I don’t look for big opportunities, big opportunities find the biggest man who’s ever lived. EC3 I bet is quaking in his boots at the prospect of stepping in there with ‘Big Daddy Thrill.’ I’ve been on the hunt for a while for that National Title because I want to bring a natty back, first time since ‘98, to the great state of Tennessee. You know what, I think Winston-Salem is close enough to home where I can just hop in the car, me and Pollo can drive down in the trailer, and we can celebrate in [the University of Tennessee’s] Neyland Stadium in front of 100,000 screaming fans.”

Del Mar: “Honey, he is so animated. You know he’s been on tour in Australia, I haven’t gotten to lay my eyes on ‘Big Daddy Thrill’ in a little minute. So we are very excited. First of all, the Crockett Cup is my favorite all-time professional wrestling event. It shines a showcase on tag teams from across the country, and that’s always exciting. The moment I walked into the National Wrestling Alliance, I walked right up to Billy Corgan and I said, ‘Mr. Corgan, I love the Crockett Cup, and it is a lifelong dream for me to participate in that particular pay-per-view event.’

“Little did I know, Bill, that in about a year and a half’s time, ‘Big Daddy Thrill’ and EC3 would be main-eventing the first night of the Crockett Cup with the National Title on the line. What a glorious moment it’s gonna be, and you are correct. We have been chasing that opportunity for a hot second. We thought it was gonna be against Cyon, but Cyon, unfortunately, is a big, fat, masked loser, and dropped the belt to EC3, which means now ‘Big Daddy Thrill’ is gonna be stepping into the ring with a multiple-time world heavyweight champion, EC3, and he’s gonna be kicking that butt.”

Does EC3’s status as a former world champion make the match more appealing?

Mason: “Yeah, it just shows that I can beat a world champion, which everyone already knows. I mean, look at me. Six-foot-fix, damn near 300 pounds. I guess I’ll give him some credit, he’s cut up. He goes out there, he tans, he waxes his nether regions and stuff like that. If that’s what he has to do to make himself feel better, I come out all natural baby. No enhancements needed. The only thing I’ve been sticking in my body is that biscuits and gravy that my beautiful Ms. Del Mar makes for me every morning.”

Del Mar: “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity. Now, ‘Big Daddy Thrill,’ I don’t need to cheerlead him on. He knows what he is. Six-foot-six of ‘ooh, yummy, honey,’ and a future world champion. To become a future world champion, by the very necessity of it, you will have to go through world champions former. EC3, in my opinion, is the first of several former world heavyweight champions that ‘Big Daddy Thrill’ is gonna take on a thrill ride, and we are gonna show everyone at the Crockett Cup that they are looking at the future of the National Wrestling Alliance.”

Mason has a singles match at the Crockett Cup, which is traditionally formatted around a tag team tournament. Asked about potentially competing in the tournament itself, Mason said he’s ready if he gets the call.

Mason: “I’ve been pulling double-duty a lot. I was on there every single night of the [World Is A Vampire] tour. We just did 10 shows in 15 days, so I’m used to sitting there and running this big old diesel truck body of mine til the brakes fall off. So I got me a tag team partner, the dark horse, Dangerous Devan Dickson. We’ve been tagging together for over seven years. So if they ever give us the call — once I get that natty — how good would it be to hold up that Crockett Cup with my tag team partner that I’ve been riding the roads with ever since I started in this business, and right between us is the beautiful, the lovely Pollo Del Mar. That’s a pretty picture, ain’t it? Almost as pretty as that [points to a banner with him and Pollo on it]. You can go on [NWA’s online store] and get you one of those too.”

Tickets for the 2023 NWA Crockett Cup are on sale now.

Watch our full interview with ‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason and Pollo Del Mar below: