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Trinity: Total Divas Helped Me Showcase My Authentic Self And Share It With The World

Trinity credits Total Divas for helping her be comfortable showcasing her authentic self on WWE programming.

IMPACT Wrestling‘s Trinity recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about her ability to maintain a connection with the fans, Trinity said it’s something that she took as it was. Trinity was on a hiatus from wrestling after she left WWE in May 2022, but she said she’s finding a good balance on how to share things on a more frequent basis.

“You didn’t see me for a while doing much, and that was just me figuring things out and taking a step back to process everything, all the changes, all the stuff that was happening in my life at that time. Then once I started to do things, I would share with my fans behind-the-scenes at red carpets or us getting ready, those little glimpses when I could and when I felt in a good space because it was all a lot, the past year, and the change.

“It took me a little time to adjust to it all, but I never forgot about my fans. When there was exciting or fun stuff for me to promote or for them to see, I was always happy to share that. Now that I’m back wrestling again, I’m happy to have even more to share and this journey; just been capturing things and everything that’s been going on. I want to start a YouTube and open up a little more now that things are like — now that I know where I’m going, and we can get back on track.

“I can get back on my TikToks and share my dance stuff and all this other stuff that I’m exploring and wanting to do. But the fans have always been there with me, and that’s something that really pulled me out of that rut that I was in from this whole experience.”

When asked about her time as a cast member on Total Divas, Trinity revealed she wasn’t comfortable being on a reality show at first, but it really helped her showcase her authentic self.

“Yeah, definitely. Because in the beginning, I definitely wasn’t comfortable being on a reality show and opening up so much about my personal life. You know it’s going to be critiqued and criticized, but Total Divas definitely helped me learn to just showcase that and not be afraid to be able to showcase my authentic self and be who I am, express it on a world platform.

“Yeah, that show taught me a lot, and it was great. I love what it did for the business of wrestling. I still, to this day, get people coming up to me recognizing me, not from anything else, not from wrestling, but just from Total Divas. It was a great show that connected with a lot of people.”

“Even before I started using my real name, I would always know if people knew me from [Total Divas]. People stopped coming up to me as Naomi; people started calling me Trinity. When people would approach me, I would know if they were a wrestling fan or a Total Divas reality fan, and it got to the point where I was always being called Trinity.

“It really reached a lot of people. It’s not weird now. Some people ask, ‘Do we call you Trinity or Naomi?’ People have been knowing me and calling me Trinity from that show, so it’s not unusual to hear.”

You can check out our full interview with Trinity in the video below.

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