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Al Snow And David Vox Mullen Find The Funny With New Tag Team Comedy Show

Al Snow has a new tag team partner in David Vox Mullen and they are ready to conquer the comedy world.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Al Snow and David Vox Mullen, stars of a new comedy special coming to Premier Streaming Network. Al Snow Tag Team Comedy Featuring David Vox Mullen debuts on PSN on June 30, and the pair shared some insight about their relationship and what to expect from the stage show.

Al Snow: “Well, David and I have known each other for some time. We met through a common friend, and that was Ken Anderson. David’s been an accomplished comedian and musician for years. We, for a long time, bandied about the idea of me doing stand-up comedy and such, and I was always more heavily involved with wrestling at the time and just didn’t have the focus or opportunity to devote myself to it. It just so happened after time — I gotta give David credit, he was pretty persistent. We got together and decided we’d give it a shot, and it’s been going great.

“It’s been really a lot of fun, very enjoyable. It’s a new challenge for me, a new direction with its own set of rules that I’m learning as I go. But Dave is really good at me being able to lean on his experience, so it’s worked out really well. We play off each other really well. The audiences have seemed like they enjoyed it. Nobody’s come and thrown fruit or vegetables at us on stage yet, so until that day comes, we’re at least hitting singles and doubles. We may not always hit a home run, but we’re at least at the bat and getting to run the bases a little bit.”

David Vox Mullen: I would definitely say one of the foundations of my ability to do comedy is I have a very diverse improv background. So my ability to kinda just go with anything that’s thrown at me, literally create something out of nothing, right? So it was never going to be a problem no matter what Al’s comfortability was, and even in the beginning, it was, ‘Just lean on me and we’ll work together.’ The whole idea was make each other look good.

“But one of the things I think separates Al from the other pro wrestlers who go in other career paths is, not to name drop, but we know that there is certain wrestlers doing comedy shows. So if you go to those shows, not disparaging them at all, but it’s not really comedy. It’s really just them kind of regaling the audience with road stories, which is great. We love that, I consume that. But Al really writes jokes. He comes up with jokes, he understands the concept of joke creation — the setup, the misdirection, the punch. He gets all that.”

Vox Mullen says Snow has shown a tremendous amount of growth as far as putting a routine together. He estimates Snow went from mostly leaning on road stories and fan questions to now using almost all prepared jokes. Vox Mullen wants Snow to get to 100% pre-written jokes and believes it’s attainable.

David Vox Mullen: “Not that there’s anything wrong with Al talking about his experiences, that’s what it’s all about, but as a comedian, it warms my heart to know that, especially doing multiple shows with Al, seeing some of the same jokes hit and like, yeah, Al’s getting it. I’m really enjoying that part of the process. So I really have the best seat in the house. I get to sit right next to Al and watch this guy find the funny in the situations when the audience will say something funny, even remotely try to heckle, Al’s already ready to respond and bounce back, and it’s a lot of fun. We’re really enjoying it.”

Comedy shows will occasionally see some hecklers or audience members that go into business for themselves. Vox Mullen and Snow said their audiences have been great so far, but know that rowdy fans can often become the punchline if needed.

David Vox Mullen: “As far as the shows Al and I have done together, there haven’t been any problems. As a comic, sure, I have pet peeves when people heckle or decide it’s time to start a single conversation with a room full of other people who paid to see the show. But at the same time, I’m confident in my ability to roll with anything, not that it really bothers me, it’s just a matter of how hard I have to work on stage at any given moment.”

Al Snow: “To David’s point, we haven’t really had any problems. All of the audiences have been great. Every once in a while there are situations where they may be a fan that wants to go into business for themselves and kind of make the show about them, but we’ve really not experienced too much of that.

“We had a really unique situation out in the middle of nowhere in Illinois. We went to this bar and there were women there having a birthday party, the bar was full of people making noise, and the bar was there to see a comedy show, but they weren’t. Instead of just standing up there and doing a comedy show, David and I just started interacting and reacting with the audience itself and making the audience the act. It was a blast. We had a great time doing it. It was a really terrific experience by just trying to not stay in certain confines and just going, ‘You know what? Screw it. They wanna have fun this way, then we’ll have fun with them.”

David Vox Mullen: “We came up with some pretty clever jokes that night, so it was a lot of fun.”

Al Snow: “Yeah, they all had a really good time and enjoyed it that much more because they were the show. Boy, were they ever the show… You can use it to entertain the rest of the audience. you can use the person who is wanting the attention by giving it to them and then using that to entertain everybody else at the poor soul’s expense.”

Al Snow Tag Team Comedy Featuring David Vox Mullen debuts on Premier Streaming Network on June 30. The event is available as a standalone pay-per-view purchase or included with a Premier+ subscription.

Watch our full interview with Al Snow and David Vox Mullen below: