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Alan Angels Found A New Perspective On Tag Team Wrestling At Bound For Glory 2010

Alan Angels hopes to make a Bound For Glory moment of his own.

WrestleZone spoke with Alan Angels ahead of Bound For Glory weekend in Chicago. Angels hopes to find a spot on the PPV card on Saturday, but he will be in action against Samuray Del Sol on IMPACT’s BFG fallout tapings on Sunday.

Angels spoke about his favorite memories of Bound For Glory’s past, explaining how his opinion of tag team wrestling changed with one particular match.

“Sting wrestled Samoa Joe, and he jumped out of the bleachers and dropkicked Sting on the stairs. So thinking about that is awesome,” Angels explained. “That night there was an Ultimate X match with LAX in it and I remember Hernandez crawling across those ropes, just thinking about how cool that was.

“Bound For Glory 2010, I was a big fan of. It was on 10/10/10. I remember watching the [Motor City] Machine Guns wrestle Generation Me, and just thinking, ‘This is totally different from any kind of wrestling I’d ever seen,’ especially it being a tag match. I remember as a kid watching tag matches and always kind of dreading them, kind of thinking they were boring, but that match specifically kind of changed my perspective on tag team wrestling, not in TNA, but in general.”

A New Perspective

Angels noted how tag team wrestling was in a bit of a lull at that point, but the Guns and GenMe (aka Young Bucks) opened the door to what tag team wrestling could be.

“It’s a match I’ve watched multiple times ever since then because it’s just so good, so entertaining. It really changed my perspective on not just tag team wrestling, but what pro wrestling in general could be,” he added. “There had only been so much wrestling that I had watched before then. This was just a faster-paced, quicker thing than I had ever seen in wrestling. So it was cool to see what exactly wrestling could be, just opened to a realm of possibilites more than what I had seen at that point.”

The Young Bucks are mainstays in AEW, but both Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are still prominent parts of the IMPACT roster. Angels recently squared off with Sabin, and said he’d welcome the chance to face Shelley in an IMPACT ring.

“I’ve wrestled Shelley a few times, not on IMPACT, but I think wrestling him on an IMPACT stage would be awesome. Sablin, like I said, the Machine Guns were guys that I looked up to. When I was a kid, they were probably in my top five of favorites. So to get to say I’ve now wrestled both of them is an awesome thing and I’ll definitely be watching that Sabin-KENTA match with a very close eye. I’ll see who wins, but I’m kind of hoping it’s Sabin so I can get another crack at him. I gotta wrestle my way back up there, but we’ll get it done.”

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