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Jessica McKay: The IInspiration’s Run In IMPACT Was A Really Special Time For Us

Jessica McKay believes The IInspiration accomplished everything they set out to do in IMPACT Wrestling.

Following their exits from WWE in April 2021, Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay, collectively known as The IInspiration later made their arrival to IMPACT Wrestling. There, the duo quickly acquainted themselves with championship gold as they became the Knockouts Tag Team Champions upon their debut at Bound For Glory. The IInspiration’s came to an end six months later when they suffered defeat to The Influence on the IMPACT Rebellion pre-show.

Despite their rather short stint in the company, The IInspiration attests that their IMPACT run was also filled with a lot of fun. Speaking with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard, Jessica McKay reflected on The IInspiration’s accomplishments in IMPACT Wrestling.

“Yeah, we definitely made an impact on our debut. We just really wanted to evolve our characters, really kind of rebrand but still be ourselves. We had so much fun from our entrance music to our music video,” McKay said. “Cass and I would sit down, and we’d talk about what we envisioned to all of our wrestling years to new moves that we would do. It was just a really fun time.”

“Obviously we [were] Impact Women’s Tag Team Champions, so we achieved that. And then we also got to being the ring with a lot of people that we hadn’t before, one being our very good friend Tenille [Dashwood] or Emma in WWE. So, it was really fun to finally get in the ring with her because we had never done that before. So, it was a really special time for us.”

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