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WWE NXT Hits And Misses (6/11/24)

Welcome to our weekly WWE NXT review where we look back at the biggest hits and misses from the White and Gold Brand.

NXT returned to the WWE Performance Center for its June 11, 2024 episode. The show featured plenty of recaps from NXT Battleground. Head right over here if you didn’t watch NXT Battleground and would like a quick recap.

That said, it’s time for some hits and misses from 6/11 WWE NXT.

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Miss – Kelani Jordan’s opening promo

Kelani Jordan kicked off NXT with a promo. The newly-crowned NXT Women’s North American Champion recapped her big win at NXT Battleground. Jaida Parker showed up and teased a match only for Michin to intervene and have their opening match.

This was quite an underwhelming delivery from Kelani. It looked as if she was reading from a script without feeding off of the crowd’s reaction. Jaida Parker’s interruption saved the segment from becoming a total red flag.

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Hit – Evil Wendy Choo arrives on WWE NXT

Wendy Choo made her in-ring return on NXT. She took on Brinley Reece in singles competition. Wendy made quick work of Brinley. She delivered a nasty lariat to Brinley and then choked her into submission.

It seems the old Wendy Choo is gone. This new dark gimmick looks similar to her Mei Yung persona from the Black and Gold days of NXT. Hopefully, this new Wendy gets to realize her potential in Shawn Michaels’ WWE NXT.

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Miss – Dante Chen fails to pick up the win

Dante Chen had his grudge match against Lexis King on NXT this week. The two bitter rivals met in a Singapore Cane match. Both men hit each other with some nasty shots until King used his scepter for the win.

They hyped the gimmick match as Chen’s specialty only to book him to take the W. The in-ring action was pretty solid. King may have one of the hardest chops in NXT. Both men left the ring battered and bruised. Let’s see where Chen goes from his loss.

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Hit – Cody Rhodes & Trick Williams share the ring

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE NXT. The American Nightmare hyped up his upcoming match at Clash at the Castle. Trick Williams showed up to a huge pop. Rhodes told Williams he’ll come across his next opponent following a 25-man battle royal next week. Williams invited Rhodes to the 4th of July cookout. The Undisputed WWE Champion accepted.

Arguably the best segment of the night. Rhodes and Williams are two masters of their craft. Rhodes teased more crossovers between NXT and other promotions. The cookout line was the cherry on top. It’s great that the current WWE regime acknowledges internet’s love and admiration for Cody “Raheem” Rhodes.

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Miss – Roxanne Perez’s state of the WWE NXT Women’s locker room address

Roxanne Perez entered the ring to cut her promo. The Prodigy referenced her win over TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace at NXT Battleground. Ava interrupted the segment. The final moments saw Roxanne join forces with Lola Vice to get rid of Lash Legend, Miss Jackson, Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx.

Roxanne wasn’t the best talker in her own segment. Lash Legend and Miss Jackson did a convincing job. The Jacy Jayne in-ring return tease was solid. Not the best promo of the night, but I’m really interested to see how they book Lola Vice and Roxanne on the road to Heatwave.

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Hit – Shawn Spears vs. Je’Von Evans on WWE NXT

Shawn Spears and Je’Von Evans had a brawl last week. Both men took on each other this week on WWE NXT. They went back-and-forth for nearly 10 minutes before Spears took advantage of a presumable injury to Evans for the win.

Evans continues to impress week in and out. The former Jay Malachi had arguably the match of the night against a veteran in Spears. This match had some crazy spots, especially the table one. I really hope Evans is alright because that landing was nasty.

Honorable Mentions

  • Gallus took on Wes Lee and the New Catch Republic in six-man tag. Another good multi-man outing featuring some of the best on WWE’s young roster. Gallus picking up the win was the right move in my opinion. Hopefully, they set up The Rascalz verus Gallus at some point.
  • Cody Rhodes gave Jacy Jayne his undashing mask. Some say this was the passing of the torch moment for Jayne. I won’t argue because she plays a convincing heel. The reunion between Rhodes, Spears, Page, and King was brief but sweet.

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