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What’s Next For The Wyatt Sicks After Their Debut?

The Wyatt Sicks is the latest stable to terrorize WWE. The infamous group made its presence known during the closing moments of 6/17 RAW. The stable was first teased during the Bray Wyatt (RIP) and LA Knight feud. Creative plans for the group were reportedly put on hold in the wake of Windham Rotunda’s tragic passing. WWE began dropping QR code teases for their arrival in the lead-up to the most recent RAW.

Then, they were here.

The big debut from this past Monday’s WWE RAW got a standing ovation from the crowd. Fans, without a doubt, loved the crafty blend of gore and horror and the way the individuals behind the creepy masks played their part. If done right, Wyatt Sick6 could be the next big thing after The Bloodline. WWE’s top stable has taken a more calculated and ruthless approach amid Roman Reigns’ absence, but that’s a story for another time.

The ending to RAW this past Monday felt like a horror thriller. I’m sure fans would be wondering: what’s next for the Wyatt Sicks after their destructive debut? I think it’s time to flex my fantasy booking muscles and predict what Uncle Howdy and his minions could possibly have in store for the WWE Universe in the near future.

Wyatt Sicks invade WWE SmackDown

SmackDown is in Chicago this week. Yes, that’s CM Punk’s hometown and yes, he’s advertised for the show. You can read more on that in our WWE SmackDown preview here. First of all, I don’t want Wyatt Sicks and CM Punk to kick off a feud. The Straight Edge Superstar is pulling off arguably the hottest feud post-WrestleMania XL with Drew McIntyre. Let them do their thing.

Assuming the Wyatt Sicks appear on SmackDown this week, I would want them to continue their path of destruction. The group targeted backstage crew during their rampage. Apparently, Chad Gable got caught in their rampage as well. WWE ultimately removed him from the scheduled triple threat MITB qualifier for RAW next week.

Rearranging SmackDown’s backstage area just like they did on RAW seems to me like the right way to establish Wyatt Sicks destructive pattern. Have the group unleash their wrath on the blue brand. Maybe, take out some superstar or a commentator as well. Let the terror run rampant on Friday Night SmackDown.

NXT isn’t safe either

They say NXT’s parking lot is the most dangerous place in the world. I think the Wyatt Sicks are about to give the parking lot a run for its money. The White and Gold Brand has seen many superstars from the main roster show up at the PC unannounced to elevate younger talent. Veterans like The OC, Natalya, Shayna Baszler have worked NXT shows over the past few months.

However, all these men and women have been involved in either singles or tag team feuds. The Wyatt Sicks, on the other hand, could possible reshape the entire NXT by targeting everyone on the developmental brand. We know one of the Sicks is Joe Gacy, and he’s had a notorious past when it comes to leading cults.

Attack on TNA

With their dominancy firmly established over the entire WWE, the Sicks now set their sights on TNA Wrestling and other promotions that have a working relationship with WWE. I would love for this to be a long-term plan. However, WWE would have to be very careful because storylines with expansionist tendencies usually die out in their home promotion before they can thrive.

I do not want the Wyatt Sicks to have a fate similar to the nWo. One of wrestling’s most popular storylines fell to egos, powerplays, backstage politics, and what not. It would’ve had the greatest payoff in all of professional wrestling storytelling if not for the plethora of reasons that caused its downfall.

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