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Photo Credit: Andrea Kellaway Photography / WWE

Zack Gibson Says Wyatt Sicks Role Is Perfect For Joe Gacy: He’s Going To Smash It

Zack Gibson thinks that Joe Gacy is perfect for the new Wyatt Sicks faction on WWE Raw.

Fans saw Uncle Howdy appear on Raw for the first time since the death of Bray Wyatt in August of last year. Portrayed by Wyatt’s real-life brother Bo Dallas, he led a team of WWE Superstars taking on new, supernatural characters. They attacked various people backstage, making their mark in an all-time great segment. They attacked numerous superstars, which included Carmelo Hayes, Gunther, Dominic Mysterio, Triple H, Chad Gable, and Cody Rhodes.

The wrestlers included in the Wyatt Sicks faction are:

  • Bo Dallas (Uncle Howdy)
  • Nikki Cross
  • Erick Rowan
  • Joe Gacy
  • Dexter Lumis

Zack Gibson spoke with The Metro‘s Alistair McGeorge about Joe Gacy’s involvement in the group, as Gibson was a teammate of Gacy in NXT when the pair were part of the Schism faction. This gimmick was a huge departure from what Gibson had done before, alongside James Drake in the Grizzled Young Veterans.

However, he thought that Gacy’s current role is perfect for him, and one he is “made up” to see him involved in on WWE TV.

”That role was made for Joe. And I think he’s going to absolutely smash it.” Zack Gibson said. “The whole faction there looks brilliant, it’s the perfect role for him. We’re just we’re made up for him.”

Zack Gibson and James Drake Knew It Was Time To Leave WWE

With their release finally granted by WWE late last year, Zack Gibson and James Drake knew it was time to leave the WWE.

Grizzled Young Veterans spoke to Cultaholic, revealing how they knew it was time to leave the WWE. James Drake said:

“We decided just before Stand & Deliver last year that we’ll tidy up the storyline at Stand & Deliver. Because at that point everything’s done. Then we would go and talk to the office and have conversations about us wanting to leave. We did the match and both myself and Zack were on the ramp looking back at the ring. At that point, myself anyway, I was genuinely ready to move on now… As a whole, WWE are doing great business, and it’s a great place to be. It wasn’t a great place for us.”

“We were being optimized to help the younger talent get ready. Because there was an influx of brand-new wrestlers from 2.0 that really didn’t know anything about wrestling, and we used to own a wrestling school, so we could actually articulate things as well. It was a nice compliment that they could see that in us. They trusted us to get people essentially prepared for a main roster run. On the flip side, we were kind of locked in a situation where we couldn’t progress, and we could see that. So we got to a point where we’re still grizzled, young, but we’re only young for so long. It was one of those times where it was now or never, essentially.”