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Wrestlezone Staff Picks: IMPACT Slammiversary XVII

The Wrestlezone staff is back to pick the winners of IMPACT Slammiversary XVII. It’s a decent card filled with what should be a few exciting matches!

Check out our IMPACT Slammiversary XVII predictions below!

Eddie Edwards vs. Killer Kross (First Blood Match)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Eddie Edwards
  • Tyler Treese: I thought Killer Kross died? Pick: Eddie Edwards
  • John Clark: Pick: Eddie Edwards
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Eddie Edwards
  • Lovell Porter: As much as I want to say Kross is going to win this, I just can’t shake the image in my head of Edwards busting Kross’ head open after a Boston Knee Parrty with a chair. Feel free to steal that, Impact! Pick: Eddie Edwards

Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Tessa Blanchard
  • Tyler Treese: This is a weird one to pick. Blanchard is the face of the women’s division and IMPACT’s only true female star they have right now. Meanwhile, Callihan is the company’s best heel that can work all the way up and down the card when needed. I’m thinking we don’t get a clean finish here.  Pick: Tessa Blanchard by DQ.
  • John Clark: Pick: Tessa Blanchard
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Tessa Blanchard
  • Lovell Porter: This is actually a tough one. On one hand, the right thing to do would be to have Blanchard win … BUT if the goal is to make Sami Callahan the most despicable and hated man in wrestling, he has to not only win this but cheat to do so. IMPACT needs to play the long game here. Pick: Sami Callahan

The Latin American Xchange (Ortiz and Santana) (with Konnan) vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Trey Miguel) (with Zachary Wentz) vs. The North (c)

Note: Most of us did these predictions before The North won the titles on Friday. So, there’s a pretty huge asterisk to all of our picks.

  • Bill Pritchard:  Pick: The North
  • Tyler Treese: LAX is seemingly on their way out. It’s weird to take the tag titles off The North so quickly but it’s a title change nearly nobody saw. Pick: LAX
  • John Clark: Pick: LAX
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: LAX
  • Lovell Porter: This is going to be the match of the night, I’m sure. As much as I love LAX its time to give them something to do that doesn’t involve the titles. It’s time for the Rascalz to shine. Pick: The Rascalz

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Rosemary vs. Su Yung vs. Jessicka Havok (Monster’s Ball match)

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Taya Valkyrie
  • Tyler Treese: I’d like to see a fresh face on top but the champ usually prevails in multi-man matches. Pick: Valkyrie
  • John Clark: Pick: Valkyrie
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Taya Valkyrie
  • Lovell Porter: I got nothing. I’m flipping a four-sided coin for this one … what? Don’t look at me like that. four-sided coins are TOTALLY a thing. Pick: Um … Rosemary?

Moose vs. Rob Van Dam

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Rob Van Dam
  • Tyler Treese: It’d make most sense for the younger star to go over the veteran but they never do what makes sense with Moose. Pick: Rob Van Dam
  • John Clark: Pick: Rob Van Dam
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Moose
  • Lovell Porter: Considering what RVD has been up to on Twitter I am not 100 sure he is prepared for this match lol. Kidding. Pick: Rob “I’m Living My Best Life” Van Dam

Rich Swann (c) vs. Johnny Impact

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Johnny Impact
  • Tyler Treese: Sorry, Swann. You’re an excellent wrestler and champion but you won’t elevate the division like Johnny will. Pick: Impact
  • John Clark: Pick: Rich Swann
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Rich Swann
  • Lovell Porter: Swann got the big win during the triple threat and if memory serves he pinned Impact. I don’t think there is anyway Impact doesn’t get his win back here. Pick: Johnny Impact

Brian Cage (c) vs. Michael Elgin

  • Bill Pritchard: Pick: Brian Cage
  • Tyler Treese: I don’t see why IMPACT would remove Cage from that AAA booking if he wasn’t gonna still be champion. Pick: Brian Cage
  • John Clark: Pick: Brian Cage
  • Alex Santa Maria: Pick: Michael Elgin
  • Lovell Porter: Brian Cage wins. Why? Because I don’t want to have to write the sentence “Winner and NEW IMPACT Champion Michael Elgin” ever… er… ever again. Pick: Brian Cage