Photo Credit: Sareee (via Twitter @Sareee_official)

Sareee Has Been On A Remarkable Post-NXT Run

Sareee has been making waves within the wrestling sphere since her departure from WWE NXT.

Since then, she has reintroduced herself by showcasing her capabilities as a performer to the fullest potential. Following her WWE exit, the former Sarray returned to Japan to wrestle as a freelancer. She has also produced her own wrestling events. Now, she finds herself in the conversation of the top names in the contemporary Japanese wrestling scene.


Sareee announced that she will be producing her own freelance wrestling show named “Sareee-ISM Chapter 1”. This will be held on May 16th of the same year. Prior to this, Sareee was purely an in-ring competitor in Japan thus marking this event her debut as a primary producer and promoter.

The first chapter of Sareee-ISM held four matches at the Shinjuku FACE arena in Tokyo and featured notable names in joshi wrestling including Arisa Nakajima and Nanae Takahashi. Sareee herself competed in the main event of the show in a losing yet fighting effort against the powerhouse Chihiro Hashimoto in a battle that went a little over twenty minutes.

Sareee’s producer debut met praise from wrestling enthusiasts around the world and a demand for future chapters of Sareee-ISM due to the success of the show. Since the first, Sareee has produced a second iteration of Sareee-ISM just three months later where she teamed up with KAIRI against Arisa Nakajima and Takumi Iroha in a highly competitive match.

SEAdLINNNG: Beyond The Sea Championship Victory

Following the tag match at Sareee-ISM Chapter 2, she challenged SEAdLINNNG’s top woman and then Beyond The Sea Champion Arisa Nakajima for her title at the promotion’s 8th year anniversary show. The two also had quite the history with their previous battle dating way back in November of 2015.

So in a tough contest between Nakajima proving her championship dominance and continuing her redemption story, she captured the Beyond The Sea Championship after multiple repetitions of her signature maneuver. Their match has also been in the talks as a potential “Match Of The Year” candidate.

What to expect in the future

Moving forward, the reigning Beyond The Sea Champion sees sky as the limit for her future ventures in wrestling as a wrestler and producer, alike.

Rumors of Sareee’s potential return to WWE were quite rampant recently. Further speculation was immediately shut down. US-based joshi promotion Sukeban announced that Sareee signed a multi-year contract with their company. She is set to debut in a “Special Attraction Four Way Match” on their December 6 show in Miami.

Sareee is also set to produce a Chapter 3 event early next year on the 16th of January. The full card has been announced on her official Twitter page. Sareee and Chihiro Hashimoto will face off in a rematch from Sareee’s first produce event.

With all the recognition she has garnered during this current run of hers, it may not be long before she receives bigger opportunities in major platforms to promote the joshi wrestling style worldwide.