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Drew McIntyre Has Plenty Of Reasons Why He Should Re-Sign With WWE

Drew McIntyre hasn’t put pen to paper yet. The Scottish Warrior’s WWE contract reportedly expires before June, which will see the company travel to Glasgow, Scotland, for Clash at the Castle 2024. McIntyre is being advertised for the upcoming PLE despite not yet being under contract for the show.

Drew McIntyre is, undoubtedly, one of the hottest stars on the WWE roster today. He’s continuing to receive praise for his work inside the ring and on the mic. The former multi-time world champion has been, more or less, involved in the world title picture for the past several months. Here are four reasons why McIntyre needs to re-sign with the sports entertainment juggernaut.

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WWE is the hottest it’s been in years

WWE has witnessed massive uptick in fan interest over the last several months. The company continues to record impressive numbers when it comes to PLE revenue. Their flagship show, RAW, recently ended its consecutive sell-out streak. Of course, the new regime under Triple H has massively contributed to the success.

Moreover, the current WWE roster is loaded with star power. Every division proudly boasts some of the best athletes this business has seen in a long time. From singles card to tag team division, WWE has a litany of male and female superstars who can carry the company for years to come.

Drew McIntyre being part of this roster only adds to company strength. Triple H knows his pupil from NXT brings to the table week in and out. McIntyre is a company guy through and through and him re-signing would most certainly be beneficial for both sides.

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New potential opponents for Drew McIntyre

There’s an entire generation of future main eventers and world champions being primed in NXT. The men and women are learning WWE’s way of wrestling and entertainment under the watchful eye of Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid isn’t the only veteran helping young wrestlers hone their craft. Mat Bloom, Norman Smiley, Sara Amato, and Sarah Barnett among others are there to guide talents every step of the way.

Superstars like Bron Breakker, Trick Williams, Tiffany Stratton, Roxanne Perez have all successfully adapted to WWE’s style under these veterans. Drew McIntyre has a slew of opponents in NXT he could potentially face or even team up. The Scottish Warrior needs to remain with WWE in order to turn these “dream matches” into a reality.

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World title chase

Drew McIntyre fought through blood, sweat, and tears to win the world title. The Scottish Warrior defeated Seth Rollins for the championship in their WrestleMania 40 Night Two opener. McIntyre presented the title to his family, something he couldn’t due at WrestleMania 36 due to the pandemic.

However, he took his moment to mock CM Punk only to get assaulted by the Straight Edge Superstar. Damian Priest took advantage of the distraction to cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase. The Archer of Infamy planted McIntyre with a South of Heaven for the biggest win yet of his career.

We’ve seen Drew McIntyre rise against the odds to conquer his own destiny. The Scottish Warrior needs a lengthy world title run. McIntyre has called Priest “nothing but a transitional champion”. If he puts pen to paper, he just might very well get another shot and even win the World Heavyweight Champion or the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

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Drew McIntyre’s unfinished business with CM Punk

CM Punk’s injury at Royal Rumble 2024 turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Drew McIntyre. The Scottish Warrior won the Elimination Chamber. He went on to dethrone Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. McIntyre’s win, unfortunately, was short lived as his reign came to an at the hands of Damian Priest.

McIntyre would fail to win the number one contender’s match next night on RAW as well. CM Punk showed up to deny the Scottish Warrior his win. Such a heated feud needs a proper payoff. The animosity keeps building inside the ring, on the mic, and on social media. Ideally, both men would have a gimmick match at a big PLE.

If It were up to me, I’d bring Drew McIntyre’s real-life contract situation to his feud with CM Punk. McIntyre says he’ll put his career on the line if he loses to Punk. The match gets booked under a no DQ stipulation at Clash at Castle. McIntyre wins the match and uses Punk’s blood to sign his new contract.

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