A British Point of View: Thank You Edge

My thoughts on Edge’s recent annoucement regarding his career.

Firstly I must apologise to everyone for not getting any of my thoughts recently posted to the website. If anybody knows me and my current situation at the moment then I hope you understand.

But what has really happened since WrestleMania? We’re now in the famous cool down period of professional wrestling. The big show has finished and now we have a couple of months before things seem to pick up again as we head towards SummerSlam.
On the plus side we’re finally getting Awesome Kong coming to the WWE and Sin Cara has made his successful debut with the company.
We have on the other hand we have had a sad loss.
Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland has been forced to retire after having extensive tests on his spinal column to reveal a serious injury.
It seems so strange that someone who is a younger age than most of the big stars on the roster is being forced to retire.
37 is not an old age in the world of wrestling as most stars who are in the same league as Edge will likely have a career which continues to their mid 40’s. This recent blow has delivered a big blow to the fan base of today as most fans were watching wrestling when Edge made his debut.
Most people I know feel like he is part of the furniture as he was always the wrestler who was there…
Now unfortunately he is unable to compete. With that being said most fans are relieved also as we would find out later on that if Edge had taken another bad bump his could have been paralysed.
The past few weeks it has made me think long and hard about his career. He started out on the mid-card, formed one of the greatest tag teams of all time and returned from a serious injury to become a main eventer who without a shadow of a doubt paid his dues.
This man always gave you 100% within those ropes and no matter who he faced he always gave a believable edge (no pun intended) to his character. He was able to be a madman, a funny man and a villain. This in today’s world of wrestling is a fine art and Mr. Copeland achieved this with relative ease. Edge was always a person WWE could always rely on as a wrestler and as an entertainer.
Yes fans will miss you Edge, but more importantly they will take incredible satisfaction in knowing that you are well and you are safe from permanent injury. You are a future Hall of Famer and I’m sure it’s not the last we have seen of you on WWE television in some format. You are 100% a pure wrestling fan and that was your great connection to the fans. You were the person who has done the same as so many, sat at ringside at WrestleMania and dreamt of being in that ring. The difference between you and everyone else is that you made your dreams happen. Not through luck, not through knowing the right people, not through taking shortcuts, but through doing everything in your power to ensure you reached your goals. You are a true legend to this industry and that is something I tip my hat to sir…
Thank You Edge.
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