EXCLUSIVE: RVD = Career Pissant. Nash = nWo.



Kevin Nash didn’t just speak for himself.


Nash spoke for the TNA locker room.


Nash didn’t work a shoot at Jason Hervey’s request. That story “leaked” in a vain attempt to minimize locker-room heat. The sun hasn’t come up on a day when Nash takes anything Hervey says seriously.


Nash got it right.


Was Rob Van Dam EVER involved a big-money program? Not even close. Nash was involved in a program that drew big money and revolutionized the business. Helped book it, too. For RVD to refer to himself as a “rock star” while belittling the older, “jealous” wrestlers in TNA was a gratuitous insult, and gratuitously delusional.


Nash, jealous of RVD? HA! RVD, recognized while walking through Disneyland? I’d have to see it to believe it.


What’s going on right now in TNA makes the end of WCW look like a Swiss watch. RVD = career pissant. Kevin Nash = nWo.


I’m of the impression Nash would be welcome for one more run in WWE. Nash should do it. If nobodies like RVD can dump on him with no accountability from TNA management, TNA isn’t worth it. Not even when Nash makes more than RVD. He does, you know. JACKPOT!


You almost feel sorry RVD involved Jeff Hardy in his on-line tirade. Hardy didn’t invite retaliatory invective like RVD did, but here goes: Besides awaiting trial, Hardy is a bloated, grotesque self-parody who has proven nothing in TNA except that he needs WWE’s machine to get over. At one point recently, it appeared his brother Matt had swallowed him.


I used to really like the Hardys. But time seems ready to reveal them as a couple overrated BS artists who buy their own Internet hype.




Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley? It says a lot about Flair’s peerless mic skills that he’s getting so much promo time in TNA. It says a lot about TNA’s clueless booking that Flair, at 61, is being asked to carry a match against a crippled, overweight stuntman. I bet Flair can do it. But why should he?


You know when bookers play off real-life heat? When they’re too lazy and/or not creative enough to book storyline heat.