Clutter: Bragging Rights, Why Can’t TNA Learn?, Shane, More

Clutter: Bragging Rights, TNA Must Have Learned By Now, & More

Each week here on my new "Clutter" column, I will "clutter"  recent top stories or hot topics that are weighing on my mind and give quick, easy-to-read opinions on each.  Get it?  Pretty simple, so let’s get started!

Pay or Pass: "Bragging Rights" This Sunday

I would definitely say that WWE has done enough to deserve your money for this Sunday’s event.  While I may have thought otherwise prior to Raw this past Monday, they did a good job of building my interest, at least.  The jury’s still out on the Raw vs Smackdown tag team match and that idea being the overall theme of a pay per view, but the live Jacksonville crowd certainly seemed to be into the hype on Monday and I can understand why. 

Add Miz versus Morrison, which I think has the potential to steal the show from a wrestling standpoint if they’re allowed to do so, plus John Cena and Randy Orton in both men’s first ever 60-minute Iron Man match and I think you have a solid line-up on paper.

A quick aside too:  Regardless of your personal feelings toward the gimmick pay per views WWE have drummed up the past year or so, WZ traffic indicates that ppv interest and overall buzz about the general product week to week is higher than it has been.  Kudos to the WWE for trying new things and making the majority of them work so far.