WWE WrestleMania 28

A British Point of View: The Miami Diary Part 2

Sorry for my sudden outburst as a fan but it doesn’t get old to wake up and realize that the thing everyone is talking about is the event that you will see in person in a few short hours.

I was up late typing my report for the Hall of Fame last night which was as you would imagine very emotional. Be sure to check it out by clicking here!

So I guess I better get to some predictions then hadn’t I?

WWE Tag Team Triple Threat Match – Primo & Epico VS The Uso’s VS Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

I think this will be a decent free match to attempt to draw in any last minute fans watching online. Champions will likely retain but I like the idea of Kidd and Gabriel teaming. All talent in this match are extremely talented and it’s a good look in to the future potential WWE have to offer.

Prediction: Primo and Epico retain

Kelly Kely & Maria Menounos VS Beth Phoenix & Eve

Unfortunately the usual Diva filler match which we were hoping to avoid this year. The one saving grace is that Menounos has ring experience but with two broken ribs is she likely to play a big factor in this match? Not likely. I still see Kelly Kelly and Menounos getting the victory here as WWE don’t usually make celebrities lose.

Prediction: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

Randy Orton VS Kane

Another match which has been given a last minute build. Both are very capable competitors but the story between these two doesn’t grab me in the slightest. The rivalry with John Cena before this story with Orton only hindered Kane’s believability. Kane doesn’t feel like a monster and having him in a WrestleMania match to prove he’s a monster rather than having someone attempt to stop him being a monster doesn’t really work for me. I’m sure the match will be solid but whether the crowd gets in to it is another matter. A massive effort from both men will be required to draw people in to this one.

Prediction: Randy Orton

Team Teddy VS Team Johnny

This match will be fun but it by no means draws the crowd in. The shining star which I look forward to seeing will be Dolph Ziggler. I can see Great Khali nearly killing him or imagining Booker T to nearly cut his head off when he does a scissor kick on him. Dolph and Team Johnny stand out a mile by their previous success but with the match not even being an elimination match I’m not expecting this match to go on for very long. Lots of talent are hurting in this match and it will likely turn in to a spot fest towards the end. I expect Johnny to gain control of both shows and provide us with a new direction for RAW and Smackdown in the upcoming months.

Prediction: Team Johnny

Intercontinental Championship – Cody Rhodes VS Big Show

I still feel rather perplexed that when picking a match for the Intercontinental Championship this was top of their list. I can’t help but feel that the whole idea behind this match is to make Cody Rhodes much bigger by beating Big Show. Can WWE really bury Big Show again on the biggest show of them all? Cody is also apparently still working hurt so that could be a big factor in how long this match goes. I hope Cody wins as I think he needs to be elevated but I do worry where exactly this will leave Big Show.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes

World Heavyweight Championship – Daniel Bryan VS Sheamus

A potential show stealer. The same was said last year until this match was bumped off the main card and eventually turned in to a totally different match altogether! I love the direction they have taken with Bryan and the response he is getting from the crowd is working great. I still think WWE need to make a Rumble winner actually win something this year so I have to go with Sheamus but I hope they make the contest close. Another cheap Bryan win would do wonders for him but another low spot on the WrestleMania card and loss for the Rumble winner could do more damage to the Royal Rumble.

Prediction: Sheamus

WWE Championship – CM Punk VS Chris Jericho

The one match which everyone is expecting to steal the headlines. These two men have got the perfect stage to prove why exactly they claim to be the ‘Best in the World.’ Both men will give you everything they have to prove this and to themselves. This match should be given at least 25-30 minutes and I’m sure with the build that WWE have given it they will provide adequate time. A potential match for the ages here people. I think the smart thing to do would be to keep the title on Punk as Jericho will likely be doing things with Fozzy again soon.

Prediction: CM Punk

End of an Era – Hell in a Cell – Triple H VS Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as Guest Referee

No matter whether you’re looking forward to this match or not. I defy any wrestling fan which will not have a moment during this match thinking that Undertaker’s streak may end. I still see Undertaker keeping the streak alive but they will make you wonder, they always do. I don’t expect Shawn to play a big role in this match as I think he is there to only further the possibility that Undertaker may get screwed. WWE won’t have this match end in a controversy, it has to be a clean win. People feel this match has to include blood but I honestly don’t see it. We are still in a PG environment and the show is being advertised with PG all over it. I expect the match to be as brutal as possible but I still don’t see blood.

Prediction: Undertaker

John Cena VS The Rock

Cast your mind back about 18 months ago. You would have never dreamed that Rock would be back in a WWE ring. This is the DREAM match for our era. The only other thing that could be bigger than this is CM Punk VS Austin but that’s another discussion for another day (Tomorrows RAW maybe? Ha!) I don’t expect a wrestling classic and if you are then your seriously wasting your time. This match is emotion and atmosphere turned up to eleven! I like how these guys haven’t touched in recent weeks and the reactions of both men will be interesting. Guessing from the Hall of Fame alone, Cena will be boo’ed louder than he ever has before. But The Rock didn’t always get the positive reaction he once did. The obvious choice in this match is to have Cena take the win and continue with life but I think it’s too hard to annoy over 70,000 fans in the stadium. I hope that Rock wins and I can see a respect element after the match where Rock endorses Cena. Anything other than that or a heel turn (which won’t happen now) will end in a poor end to the show. The only other alternative is to have a third man interfere and with rumors about Brock and Batista flying about I can see how it adds together, but I don’t see it happening. I can see something else happening on RAW the night afterwards but not on the show. I’m going to stick with my heart rather than my head on this one.

Prediction: The Rock

So there we go! WrestleMania is set and ready to go. What will happen? Are you ready? Do you think naming the main event one year in advance is going to become a trend and RAW the night afterwards will hold some great surprises?

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Enjoy WrestleMania!