The Cashbox: Random, Wacky Thoughts & Other Stuff

I didn't have one thing I wanted to write about this week in any great detail, so I decided to give my short thoughts on several topics. And as always, I'd love to hear your opinions on my opinions via Twitter @RealityofChris or the comments section below.

CM Punk shed some blood on Raw Monday and it reminded me of how effective it can be to sell a match. It's not necessary, necessarily, but when used in the right moments at the right time, it adds a lot.

— I interview Booker T tomorrow to promote his new book, From Prison To Promise. I'm about 3/4 through the book – will finish tonight – and I must say that I've enjoyed every minute of it. Truth be told, Booker could have condensed this entire thing and used it as the first two chapters of his main autobiography, but it's clearly an important message he wanted to put out there first. And his childhood and early adulthood certainly had plenty of interesting moments to fill the pages.

Damien Sandow still has a long way to go, but I like hearing that Triple H is very invested in his future. WWE needs new stars and Sandow could be one of those. However, as much as I enjoy the intellectual gimmick right now, I bet he gets rid of it before he ever truly makes it to the top. The very top, that is. It won't be anytime soon, but two-three years from now, I'd be surprised if he's still working it. I think it's too..proper. It's like Triple H shedding the Blueblood gimmick and "Hunter Hearst Helmsley" before he elevated to genuine star status. Damien will likely have to do the same, and I'm sure it will be a subtle transition rather than something abrupt.

— I saw where the WZ staff touted this week about AJ and whether or not she should remain the GM. I tend to agree with them and say "yes", but not because I believe it's the best fit for her. Honestly, I'm just tired of the revolving door at that position. AJ wouldn't have been my choice from the beginning, but since she's there now, leave her be and move on. Small doses = better.

— Am I going to miss Brock Lesnar while he's gone? Not really. But am I going to miss Paul Heyman? Absolutely.

— Reportedly, WWE wants to be careful with Ryback's character so they don't screw it up. Good idea!

— Is it too early to call the third hour of Raw a mistake? It's just too much wrestling in one setting. Financially, it likely still makes sense for Vince, but that's thinking short-term. If it slowly reveals your inconsistencies and flaws in creativity, it will eventually come back to bite you in the end.

— Is Cameron the hot one? If so, I officially have no use for Brodus Clay anymore.

— Congratulations to Undertaker and Michelle McCool on the birth of their new baby. I refuse to make any jokes at this time.

— Actor Terry Crews might be on his way to WWE. I'll need more details on what he wants to do and what WWE expects of him before I know how I feel about this. When it comes to Hollywood and wrestling though, the two rarely mix on a serious, consistent basis. I have to assume the same will prove true in this case, until proven otherwise.