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CM Punk Provides An Update On His WWE In-Ring Status

CM Punk is doing his best to get back in a WWE ring.

Punk appeared at Money In The Bank on Saturday, spoiling Drew McIntyre’s cash-in attempt during the World Heavyweight Championship match. Punk also appeared on the Money In The Bank post-show press conference and was asked how close he is to an in-ring return.

Punk said he’s trying to rush his rehab, but he’s also happy there’s a team helping him make sure he doesn’t do it too soon.

“Umm… I like to keep people in suspense. I will say that I feel great and I’m ready to go, and there are things in place to protect me against myself,” Punk said. “And that I maybe wish were in place ten years ago, but we don’t need to talk about the past. [laughs]

“Great personnel, great facilities, and I’m busting my ass to get back. If I could steal what John [Cena] was talking about, the fans,” he continued. “‘Cause whether you think he’s more or less polarizing than me, or you hate me or love me, like I’m coming back to enjoy all of these moments that were robbed from me when I got injured. And shit happens, it’s a contact sport. It stinks, but I’ve been working very, very hard to rush the rehab and come back. And everybody behind me has supported it, but they’ve also been like, ‘We’re not in a hurry.’ I love that.”

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