Mt. Killamanjaro: TNA Impact Wrestling Review – Tito Ortiz & Rampage Jackson; The Fight That Can’t Happen

Two weeks ago I did a live review of Impact Wrestling for the big Destination X television special, and it was pretty well received. So I'm back, after taking a week off last week due to our television and internet being out, conveniently during the times TNA was on air. 

Follow our official Wrestlezone live coverage for complete, updated results throughout the night. Or, you can chill here for my more limited and highly snarky feedback. Your choice. 

Impact Wrestling

8/1/13 – Wichita Falls, TX

Taz is told by security that he's not allowed into the building, per orders of general manager Hulk Hogan. Man, that security guard gets more TV time every week than Matt Morgan did. 

Austin Aries kicks off the show, but his mic doesn't work the first time around. I guess it was a Christy Hemme guy. Eventually he gets it working and cuts a promo on his match with AJ Styles tonight, winning the Bound for Glory Series, etc. Bobby Roode cuts him off, and the two former tag team partners exchange words – usual banter about their "fluke" title match last year. 

Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez

Rating: ***

This is a Bound for Glory series match, and neither of these guys are doing particularly well. Roode tries for a low blow after he grazes the referee, but Supermex kicks out, surprisingly. He throws a bunch of chairs into the ring, which again distracts the ref long enough to use that old signature beer bottle for the win. Bobby Roode wins via beer bottle to the head. 

KILLAM: Why a beer bottle? He used to use it near weekly when either with storm, or against Storm. But on his own, it just seems random, and a forced way to pull off the heel win. Don't get me wrong, I love the recent intensity he's shown. Roode is one of the best in the world, and he I like seeing him with a mean streak. I want the Bobby Roode that tore apart James Storm last year, and bloodied him at Bound for Glory. That guy was awesome!