TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/10) – Champions Showcase, Who Gets A Title Shot Next Week?

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tna knockout goneTNA Impact Wrestling Results

July 10th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for

Kurt Angle comes out and says tonight is a champions’ showcase, and he runs down the Tag Team, Knockouts and X Division Championship matches. He says the winner of a twenty man battle royal will also get a title shot against Lashley next week, and he wishes them all luck. Kurt calls Willow to the ring and says he knows why Willow was created, and it was because Dixie Carter took advantage of Jeff Hardy, and he went to a dark place. He is here to tell Willow that Dixie and MVP are gone, so he needs the most competitive guy there is, and he needs Jeff Hardy to come back, at least for the night. Kurt asks him to consider, but Willow shakes his hand and nods, then Kurt looks happy as he walks away.

BP: Hmm… I wonder who is winning this one. I think Hardy would benefit from a little uncertainty in character, where you don’t know who he will appear as. It’s a little Joseph Park, but a little twisted too; you don’t know who to gameplan for since Hardy and Willow wrestle a bit different matches. Having Kurt ask him to appear as Hardy, eventhough Willow didn’t definitely say yes (he nodded, but didn’t speak), makes it a bit obvious.

TNA World Tag Team Championship

Bram & Magnus vs The Wolves (c)

Davey charges the corner and kicks Bram on the apron, then Magnus punches him a few times but Davey comes back with a heel kick off the ropes. Eddie connects with a running dropkick that knocks Bram down again, then they hit Magnus a few times before repeatedly kicking Bram in the corner. They throw Magnus into Bram before Davey headbutts Bram, then he kicks Bram in the face but Magnus hits him from behind. The ref doesn’t see it as Magnus pulls Davey in the apron and hits some kidney shots, then Bram puts Davey in a front facelock while Magnus pulls Eddie off the apron.

Bram hits Davey with a forearm shot and slams him into the turnbuckles, then Magnus elbows him before Davey gets a small package near fall. Davey catches Magnus with a spin kick, then Eddie repeatedly chops Bram and follows with an enziguiri and some forearms. Eddie kicks Magnus as he avoids a clothesline by Bram, then he hits a missile dropkick and enziguiri before taking him down with a hurricanrana. Magnus tries to assist Bram with a double team suplex but Davey catches Eddie, then they knock Bram and Magnus on the floor and hit suicide dives. Davey gets Bram back in the ring and goes for a double stomp, but Bram counters with a gutwrench slam attempt, only to have Eddie dive in and help with a sunset flip rollup for the win.

Winners – The Wolves