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WrestleZone’s Top 10: What MUST Happen at WWE Battleground

Tonight marks the debut of WWE Battleground. This week’s Top 10 will focus on what I think MUST happen tonight for the WWE to avoid a disappointing event, much like the one we saw less than a month ago at WWE Night of Champions.

Number 10: AJ Lee MUST Find New Challengers

Brie Bella will get her shot against AJ Lee for the Divas Championship. I wish this is her first and last title match against Lee. I simply do not have an interest in the Divas division outside of AJ Lee right now and it is because they lack certain characters. Lee is the only unique Diva they have. I do think there is talent hidden in the division. They are just not letting them shine through. Do I think Naomi has potential? Absolutely. Do I understand why Brie Bella is working this match? Definitely. The problem has nothing to do with the women themselves. It has everything to do with how they are creating opponents for AJ. She needs new challengers, maybe the same ones with a tweaked gimmick, to really cement her dominance on the division in history.