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Exclusive: How Vince McMahon’s Over-Producing Almost Killed Shawn Michaels, How it Compares to Roman Reigns

One thing I can tell you is this – this man is not capable of coming up with “Superman” promos, or re-quoting “Sylvester the Cat” on his own. He is far too intelligent for that. Those gems came from his boss, Vincent K. McMahon – make no bones about that. In Vince’s mind, George Reeves is still leaping tall buildings, and Looney Tunes is the newest form of cutting edge animation.

Leading into this year’s Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon did everything in his power to make those fans in Philly react to Reigns the way they did. By attempting to turn Roman into the white bread baby face that he thinks he should be, he literally castrated his own young talent by making him come across as both fake and corny. How do I know, you ask? Simply because I had seen it all before, on a firsthand basis.

Prior to the Attitude Era, when Shawn Michaels was the WWF World Champion – I’m talking almost 20 years ago now – Vince did the exact same thing to HBK that he is now doing to Reigns. Vince had me script every cheesecake, pathetic, baby face promo that I could muster, put them in a teleprompter and stand there and make sure that Shawn read every word just as it was written. There was ZERO improvising – none. And the promos absolutely sucked. One was worse than the other, and I knew it…and Shawn knew it.