A British Point of View: A Special Moment for the Network Special?

wwe networkTonight, WWE air a Network Special from Madison Square Garden. Brock Lesnar will take on The Big Show and John Cena will take on Seth Rollins in a steel cage match for the United States Championship.

Rumours are flying around that John Cena isn’t booked on any RAW shows after Hell in a Cell for at least a month. So this begs the question, what will WWE do with the United States Championship if Cena is indeed going to take time off?

Should WWE take the Championship from him tonight on the network special from Madison Square Garden? Will he just disappear for a few weeks or is this all an administration error and it’ll be business as usual?

If Cena is taking time off and WWE were aware of this, then it seems incredibly short sighted to have had Cena regain the United States Championship at Night of Champions. Rollins could have used the double victory over Cena and Sting as bragging rights but unfortunately this was decided against. With that in mind, I can only presume that this time off for Cena wasn’t expected.

Moving forward, WWE could go in many directions. They could have someone start a feud with him by taking him out at Hell in a Cell. This would work well but who is there that Cena hasn’t already feuded with that you could see in this spot? Sheamus seems to be the only viable heel who isn’t really doing anything at the moment and to be fair that isn’t a feud that people will want to see.