Isenberg Reacts: WWE Smackdown “The Club = The Outsiders”

Chris Jericho Contains Dean Ambrose


A show after Dean Ambrose cutting apart the jacket of Chris Jericho, the former world champion attacks him and then pulls out a straight jacket and puts him in it. Referees come out and try to help him out, but Jericho continues his attack. He says that he is the gift of Jericho and the fans should thank him.

I have not bought in to this feud, but this was the best thing that they have done. It makes sense for Dean Ambrose to be contained like this, smart and logical. It also showcases how good we all know that Chris Jericho is getting heat from the crowd. Maybe, we just need to take Dean Ambrose for what he is. Is he world championship material? No, but is he a valuable piece in the mid card picture without actually needing to chase a title? Absolutely. Good stuff from both men and a nice beginning to Smackdown.

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Rusev defeated Sin Cara

After being upset on Raw, Rusev came out firing on Cara as Kalisto watched on. He would go to the outside after Lana hit Kalisto with some water and kick his opponent from behind. Going back into the ring, Rusev finishes off Sin Cara with The Accolade. 

A few positives from Rusev, starting with Lana introducing him. She is so important in his character that he fell off the face of the earth in terms of importance when she was not a constant. WWE tried to evolve his character, but it was too soon and too forced. It made no sense. Also, Rusev should NEVER lose to someone like Cara or Kalisto, even with a distraction. He was great as a dominant force and WWE still has time to rebuild him like that. 

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