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Isenberg Reacts: WWE RAW “Words Speak Louder Than Actions”

Battle Royal


15 men started the night in a very fun and exciting battle royal. With many former tag and world champions in it, it felt like a who’s who of guys. The Hardy’s, Gallows and Anderson, Finn Balor, Jason Jordan, Elias and many other flooded the ring in a great way to occupy 30 minutes of the show. Finn worked with Gallows and Anderson to eliminate Big Show, but Gallows and Anderson did not last much longer. Balor was on fire, but Bray Wyatt appeared and eliminated Balor. Jason Jordan eliminated both Miztourage members and then Jeff Hardy flipped over Jordan to pick up the win and face The Miz on WWE RAW next week.

At first, I was curious as to why they are not using this for a match at No Mercy. I soon understood, as you have to have some meaning and title matches sprinkled on WWE RAW, especially since the Universal Championship hasn’t been defended on WWE RAW in quite some time. At the end of this match, I liked the call of Jeff Hardy. Jason Jordan was the obvious favorite, but the crowd needs to really care about him before he gets his title match or it might backfire. Matt and Jeff are so over and Jeff vs. The Miz should be a fun match to watch. I doubt Jeff wins, but I do think it sets up for Matt and Jeff’s next feud.

As for Balor, Bray and Balor will only work for the long term if they bring The Wyatt Family and The Club together. That makes too much sense and gives meaning to many guys that are not being fully utilized.

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Enzo Brings Energy

Enzo Amore picks up a win over Noam Dar in his “Cruiserweight Division” debut on WWE RAW. Nothing too noteworthy, but you can tell that people won’t tune off as quickly if Enzo Amore is involved. He speaks and people care, but the biggest problem is that the people lose interest when he wrestles. Not that is a poor performer, but Enzo needs to make sure the athleticism and talent from everyone else doesn’t bury his in-ring abilities. He is limited in the ring, but hopefully that changes and he is able to rely on his wrestling moves more than his voice when needed.

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