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Jeff Jarrett Makes B3CCA’s Mount Rushmore Of Fashion Influences: ‘Just Incredible Fits’

B3CCA has an impeccable fashion sense. She also takes cues from some of the biggest stars in pro wrestling and entertainment.

WrestleZone recently spoke with B3CCA and asked who she would put on her personal Mount Rushmore of fashion influences. ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett and Guilia made the cut from pro wrestling, while she picked two more icons from the pop culture world to round out the list.

“I think wrestling-wise, I’m gonna start with Jeff Jarrett. Just incredible fits. Just wow. Underrated wrestling fits in my opinion,” she noted, “so [I’m] definitely going to put him up there. Also wrestling-wise, I would probably say Giulia from STARDOM. Her gear, just everything, she always looks so cool. So definitely inspired by her.

“I’ll do some non-wrestling as well. I have to say Britney [Spears]. I mean, oh my gosh, they’re just so iconic,” she stated. “A lot of my gear is inspired by different outfits that she has. And I’d also say Cher for several reasons.”

Check out our full interview with B3CCA below:

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