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Jessie Godderz Can’t Thank Dixie Carter Enough For OVW Cameo, His Break In IMPACT

Jessie Godderz recently had a run-in with his former boss, Dixie Carter, on OVW TV.

OVW National Heavyweight Champion Jessie Godderz recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. When asked about Dixie Carter recently appearing on OVW TV, Godderz spoke about Carter giving him his first big opportunity in the wrestling industry.

“I mean, I love Dixie. She gave me a shot,” Jessie Godderz said. “She gave me a huge opportunity herself. And it’s one of those people that you try to stick around the people that you like first and foremost in relationships in business and stuff like that.

“You keep around individuals that are like-minded or have your best interests in mind because they’re far and few between, and Dixie is one of those individuals. I asked her of a favor, which we’ll get into maybe later in a couple months, like that’ll get released and stuff, but to see her and to, like you said whether it’s a rub, whether it’s helping OVW whether it’s helping the promotion of wrestlers, all of that kind of came to fruition only because Al Snow.

“It was definitely by design if I had to guess. And it was awesome. It’s awesome that she was a part of that. I can’t thank her enough. Because, like you said it kind of sent like a shockwave and another burst of instantaneous recognition for OVW once again like you’re saying.”

He’s the Ken doll of OVW

When asked if that means EC3 gets no credit for Carter’s recent appearance, Godderz concedes that the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion probably had something to do with it.

“Yeah, true. I think EC3 might have had — he is a Carter. I’ll give him that,” Jessie Godderz said. “I don’t really like him too much. I feel like he’s trying to be — I’m the Ken doll of OVW, I think he’s trying to swoop in somehow and act like he’s the Adonis, and I’ve literally been called Adonis my whole life. So, I can’t give him too much props. But yeah, he probably had a little bit to do with it.”

When it was mentioned that history is kinder to Dixie Carter now than in the past, Godderz thinks that’s a fair assessment.

“Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right. The reception was definitely welcomed,” Jessie Godderz admitted. “I think it’s kind of up to her schedule because who knows what she’s up to now. Staying busy and whatnot. But we would love to have her in OVW in any capacity, and the capacity that she’s already helped out with which was outstanding, and I can’t thank her enough. Sincerely, she’s awesome.”

You can check out our complete interview with Jessie Godderz in the embedded video below.

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