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Ultra Pro Wrestling Will See More WWE Legends Added As DLC In The Future

More WWE Legends are being planned for DLC in Ultra Pro Wrestling.

Ultra Pro Wrestling Lead Developer Sam Vallely recently sat down with WrestleZone to discuss the upcoming game. When asked about future DLC plans for the game beyond who’s already announced, Vallely teased some people will be announced for the game after their WWE Legends contracts expire.

“So yeah, we’ve got a bunch of people that are on board but haven’t yet signed,” Sam Vallely revealed. “They intend to sign. They’ve just not got around to it yet. And we basically took everyone that we had that was on board that had actually signed, and we put them in the in the Showcase.

“So we do have a bunch of other people that are either going to sign. They just need to get their lawyers to look through it and all that stuff. Or people that are in WWE Legends contracts that have to wait until those expire but that want to be in the game. And so they’re just waiting till that runs out. And then they can come on board. Wish I could tell you who those people were.”

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What do you make of Sam Vallely’s comments? What other WWE Legends would you like to see added to Ultra Pro Wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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