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Thom Latimer: Kamille Is The New Nick Aldis Of NWA, Her Title Reign Was A Huge Testament To Her

Thom Latimer is proud of the work Kamille did as NWA Women’s World Champion.

WrestleZone spoke with Thom Latimer ahead of the NWA Samhain pay-per-view. Latimer will challenge EC3 in a ‘No Limits’ match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Latimer’s wife, Kamille, will be in his corner, as she’s been a focal point of the feud. Kamille’s involvement in this match is a contrast to her “normal” spot defending the Women’s title at NWA events.

Kamille’s impressive reign came to an end at NWA 75 thanks to Kenzie Paige. Kamille has gone on record and said it was time to end it and make a new star with the platform. Latimer spoke about seeing Kamille’s reign end. He touted her as a natural competitor that deserves all of the recognition she gets.

“I think she’s done a tremendous job carrying that championship and making all of the matches and everything that she does stand out. [Kamille’s] not been through the developmental system. She’s not been someone that’s spent years and years in school. She’s relatively new if you actually think about how long she’s been in the job and how many matches she’s had,” he noted.

“For her to take the ball and run with it like she did and continue to top everything every time, because that’s a lot of pressure, too. So for her to be able to essentially go from — yes, she’d done some indie stuff before — but essentially go from Nick Aldis’s insurance policy to then-main eventing and having killer matches, it’s a big testament to her,” he added. “It’s incredible.”

Let others have their time

Latimer says Kamille’s in-ring career has been phenomenal so far, calling her a natural in the ring. He went on to say that Kenzie winning the title is fitting in many ways. She is also a “homegrown” NWA star who can carry the torch now.

“Could it have stayed on it for a lot longer? I’m sure it could. But then also, you run that fine line as well [of] people kind of getting tired after a while. I think for the amount of time that she had it and what she did with it and how she elevated it and how she is and has been sort of the main focus of the company,” he explained, “she’s essentially the Nick Aldis of the company now. So, I think that it could have stayed on her forever. But you’ve got to let other people have their time.”

A new era

Latimer pointed out how multiple titles changed hands at NWA 75. He viewed it almost like a reset to a new era in NWA.

“It helps that it goes on someone that is good for a locker room, is a likable, good talent, is young. She ticks all those right boxes, so it probably makes it much more easier. Not that it wasn’t easy, but much more of an acceptable idea to go ahead and put it on somebody like that.”

NWA Samhain takes place on October 28 at TempleLive in Cleveland, Ohio. The event is also available on FITE.

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