Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Steve Maclin: PCO Is The Jason Voorhees Of IMPACT Wrestling

Steve Maclin sees elements of an iconic film character in PCO.

Maclin spoke with WrestleZone about his history with PCO, who is seemingly invisible despite the IMPACT roster’s many attempts to subdue him over the years. The former IMPACT World Champion was asked if the “French Canadian Frankenstein” was comparable to Halloween‘s Michael Myers or another slasher film legend.

Maclin said PCO was similar to Jason Voorhees, noting how electrocution and drowning haven’t been able to stop either one so far.

“I think he’s Jason Voorhees. He’s more the Jason Voorhees just because of the evolution. Jason, he got electrocuted to be brought back to life. He’s underwater — just so many different ways he was brought back to life. And that’s PCO, he’s not human. It blows my mind. But just for as much as he can take, I have obviously shown that I can overcome and beat him, something Bully never did,” Maclin pointed out.

“It’s one of those things, you don’t know what you’re going to get from him at times, other than knowing that he can take it and take it and take it, but he [won’t] stay down. But for some reason, always a nut shot works,” he noted. At least he’s still got his giblets down there, I guess.”

PCO recently signed a new contract with the company, the first official signing under the TNA re-branding. He also said he plans on wrestling for at least another five years.

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