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Emmy Camacho Reflects On Learning From Allison Danger, ROH Women’s Champ Athena

Emmy Camacho looks back on an important learning opportunity.

As she continues her climb up the independent wrestling scene, RCW Phoenix Champion Emmy Camacho has been fortunate to receive guidance from a number of industry veterans. One of Camacho’s most valuable learning opportunities emerged in the summer of 2022, as she attended a Metroplex Wrestling seminar led by Allison Danger and current ROH Women’s Champion Athena.

While speaking with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, Camacho shared some insight into this experience.

“I was so excited going into that seminar because it was the most women that I’ve ever had that experience with. Doing seminars, it’s usually male-dominant in there. So I think one of the cool things about that seminar is there were so many women there,” Camacho said. “It was such an amazing experience just because everyone is so motivational towards each other, uplifting each other. And it was definitely, I would say, maybe one of the hardest seminars I’ve done. But also, [it was] the most beneficial because there was a lot of drills we did that were related to the WWE drills that they do.”

“Learning under them, of course, you’re going to get that, so that experience was a must for me. I needed to do that. A lot of cardio in the first hour. Just a bunch of cardio. It was a really, really great learning experience that I felt like out of all the seminars I’ve done, I’ve walked away with the most knowledge from that one. There was a Q&A after, but just being able to sit under the learning tree from Allison Danger and Athena was just incredible. I’m super grateful for that opportunity to do that.”

Camacho Learns About Mental Toughness

When asked to pinpoint a specific thing she learned from Danger and Athena, Camacho highlighted the importance of mental toughness. While this particular lesson wasn’t taught outright, Camacho noted that the intensity of the seminar drills provided a great test for both her physical and mental strength.

“I learned in that moment I was not ready,” Camacho said. “It was completely not what I was expecting. I feel like it was a humbling experience to go through that. I feel like just a lot of it was mental, mentally pushing yourself. I think that was the biggest thing I probably could have taken away from that seminar. It’s things you learn without Allison or Athena physically having to tell you. It’s just little things that they would say when we’re doing these drills or whatever. A lot of it is mental, to be able to keep yourself going in certain times. You can push your body to do a lot more than you think you can.”

Watch our full interview with Emmy Camacho below:

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