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Allison Danger: Tiffany Stratton Is Going To Be Something Big, She Will Make Millions

Allison Danger shares about some her experiences in and out of the ring.

Former WWE Performance Center coach Allison Danger will team up with her nephew Colby Corino for the first time on Thursday for a one-off return to the ring. Danger spoke to WrestleZone ahead of the match and talked about the times she shared the ring with Colby’s father, her brother, Steve Corino. In one of their mixed tag team matches on opposite sides, Danger had the opportunity to team with the late Larry Sweeney.

“I’ve never faced him [Steve Corino] one on one. We did two mixed tag matches against each other. One where he was with Shark Girl and I was with my husband. That was a lot of fun. And the other time, it was him and Sumie Sakai versus me and Larry Sweeney, which that match is always going to hold a special place in my heart.” Danger elaborated, “Like coming out to Sweeney’s music, and I got to have the feathered boa. Just working with him was awesome. He was such a wonderful person, and there’s nobody like him in the ring. Just that personality. He really, really got it, and he knew how to play on the emotions that you needed him to at anytime, so there’s just a big hole in wrestling. I feel like if we were able to keep him, he would be a freaking millionaire now. I have no doubt Sweeney would be absolutely rolling in cash, and would still be the exact same person that he was ten years ago because that was just who he was. He was amazing.”

Danger was able to reunite with her brother when she started guest coaching at the WWE Performance Center at the end of 2020. She revealed that she had a few guest stints in Orlando before it became public knowledge.

“People don’t realize I started guest coaching at the end of 2020. And I was there four times as a guest coach, and then I did the Vegas tryouts.” Danger continued, “Which is funny because I think I’m the female guest coach who came the most times. But also, I stayed very under the radar. People did not know I was there. People did not know I had even guest coached until the third time I was there, and it was only because I got seen with Zelina Vega. Because I said hi to her, we stood at the ring for a moment, walked away. Later that night Meltzer’s breaking it, and I’m just like, ‘Okay.’ When it comes to social media and stuff like that, I put out what I want to put out, but other than that I keep things pretty quiet, pretty private. So nobody knew I was there for that much time, and then I was signed for those three months.”

When talking about her proudest coaching moments at the Performance Center, Danger named a couple of talent she enjoyed work with. In particular, she thinks Tiffany Stratton will make millions.

“I really enjoyed Erica Yan when I was there, and watching her pick things up and grow. And Tiffany Stratton.” Danger revealed, “At first I wasn’t one hundred percent sure about her. I mean, obviously beautiful girl, great shape. I’m like what’s her motivation? And then one day I happened to be at extra ring, and she popped up, and she’s like, ‘Hey, Coach, what’re you doing?’ And I’m like just killing time between classes. So I was watching Hotta like back in the day in Japan. And I was like, ‘I’m just watching some Japanese women’s wrestling. You wanna join me?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah.’”

“And she sits down and we just spend like half an hour, and I’m like, ‘This is this person, this is this person.’ She was just drinking it in, and she was like, ‘Can we go in the ring and try some stuff.’ And I’m like, ‘Let’s go!’ After that, I was like, I love this kid so much. I loved her match with Wendy [Choo], the Lights Out stuff. I really think she’s putting the work in. She’s going to make millions too. Oh, yeah, she’s going to be something big someday.”

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