LA Taylor

LA Taylor Shares Excitement For TJPW Debut: It’s Helped Me Dream A Little Bigger

LA Taylor looks ahead at her Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling debut.

On June 9, LA Taylor will head to the historic Korakuen Hall for her official debut in Japan. There, Taylor will challenge Yuki Arai for the TJPW International Princess Championship. For Arai, this will mark the third title defense in her reign. For Taylor, though, this opportunity marks the completion of a long-time dream.

“Very much my pie in the sky, ‘Oh, that that might be nice one day if it happened,’ was going to Japan,” Taylor recently told WrestleZone’s Ella Jay. “Obviously I’m extremely excited,” Taylor said. “It did have me stumped for a bit because I was like, ‘And then what?’ It’s been fantastic because it’s shown me what my capabilities are. It’s helped me dream a little bigger. It feels great.”

Standing at six feet tall, Taylor is widely known for her undeniable strength and her towering stature. Despite her obvious height advantage, “The Demolition Woman” is expecting to meet some explosive kicks from her five-foot-five opponent. “I’ve been studying those kicks. I’ve been looking at those. She got some strong kicks,” Taylor said.

“The important thing is to take into account the fact that the current champion is impressive. She mustn’t be underestimated. She looks like your most adorable younger sister. And if there’s anything I know about younger sisters, it’s that they’re actually vicious. So we train really, really hard, and I’m keeping in mind those kicks. I’m not going to underestimate her. I’m really, really going all in. She’s going to get every single bit of me in that match.”

I really got my teeth into that one

Beyond her battle at TJPW, Taylor noted that she’s keen on facing off with another prominent figure in the Japanese wrestling scene — STARDOM’s Konami. Taylor previously defended the Sovereign Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship against Konami at Association Biterroise de Catch in February. Coming off of that, though, Taylor is eager for more.

“I recently wrestled Konami in France for the Sovereign Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship, which I currently hold. I really got my teeth into that one, I want to wrestle everyone. But, I’d like to see Konami again,” Taylor said. “I really would, I really would. What a fantastic wrestler.”

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