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Trish Stratus’ 5 Best Matches

Trish Stratus’ 5 Best Matches
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Trish Stratus is considered by many to be the single greatest female superstar in WWE history. Considered one of the two leading trailblazers in WWE’s Women’s Division, she went from the stereotypical attractive model to a legitimate wrestler in a short span of time. Her dedication saw her improve in the ring in a short time and there are few who can say they improved as fast as Trish Stratus did.

Over the course of six years, Trish Stratus accumulated a total of 7 Women’s Championships, a record that makes her belong to the elite. She was rightfully inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2013 and today is considered a legend.  Many of the women on the current WWE roster cite Trish Stratus as an inspiration and the reason why they chose to take the path of a professional wrestler.

Her in-ring skills was the very first thing that Stratus had to improve in little time and she overcame a lot of obstacles to become one of the most entertaining in-ring performers in the history of WWE Women’s Division. These five matches stand out in her legendary career.

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