5 Best Bound For Glory Matches

5 Best Bound For Glory Matches
(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

Bound For Glory is Impact Wrestling’s biggest show of the year. Beginning at 2005, it’s been an annual tradition that’s seen the very best of TNA.  TNA even went international with Bound For Glory in 2014, when they held it at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, working with Wrestle-1.  Through the years, the company’s grand event has seen career-defining performances and several “Match of the year” candidates.

You’ll notice a trend in this list which focuses mainly on the earlier Bound For Glory PPVs. This isn’t to downplay BFG post-2010 but the simple fact of the matter is that between 2005-2010, TNA had an incredibly star-studded roster.

We take a look at what we feel are the five greatest matches in Bound For Glory history.

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