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Ranking Kane’s 5 Best Tag Team Partnerships

Ranking Kane’s 5 Best Tag Team Partnerships
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Kane has accomplished almost all there is to in WWE. He’s an icon of the wrestling industry and is one of the last veterans still active from a generation long gone. He’s remembered as one of the most intimidating and prominent characters who has lasted from the Attitude Era and surpassed two different eras.

What often goes overlooked in his career, however, are his tag team accomplishments. Believe it or not, The Big Red Monster is a whopping 11-time tag team champion, having won the titles with 7 different superstars! With that being said, none of his tag team partnerships really lasted for an extended period of time, but what they all had in common was that they were extremely fun ones.


His tag team partnerships normally gave him a platform to show him a completely different side to himself. Some of the classic Ruthless Aggression and PG Era moments saw Kane as the muscle of a tag team partnership. More often than not, he teamed with superstars who were considerably smaller than him, but that usually made for a great dynamic.

Let’s rank Kane’s five best tag team partnerships.