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Chris Jericho’s 5 Greatest Matches

Chris Jericho 5 Greatest Matches

There are few superstars in wrestling history that have the charisma that Chris Jericho does. A legend in his own right, he’s been going strong for over 28 years now. What makes Jericho stand out and always relevant is the fact that he’s constantly reinvented himself through the years. He has one of the greatest wrestling IQs because he always knows when fans are bound to get tired of his character, which is exactly when he decides to change things up.

For evidence, just look at the evolution of his character through the years. Almost every year, he’s reinvented himself into the most entertaining superstar there is. Whether it’s being a nasty heel or even a comedy role, he’s proven through the years that he’s among the most versatile performers on the planet.

Apart from just being a great character, he’s also one of the finest in-ring performers of his generation. It may not be an aspect of his that’s focused on a lot, but he’s put on some all-time classics, and we take a look at the five of the very best.

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