new age outlaws road dogg
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The New Age Outlaws’ 5 Best Moments

The New Age Outlaws were a one of a kind tag team. They formed in the cusp of the Attitude Era and would spend their peak years together in the same era too. They weren’t always “Badass” Billy Gunn and “Road Dogg” Jesse James that we knew them as for so long. In fact, before they formed together, they were two singles stars known as Rockabilly and “The Real Double J” Jesse James.

It was one of those cases where rivals had turned into a tag team. It was a great thing that it happened because as singles performers, they really didn’t have too much going for them.  Road Dogg was the one who had the primary charisma, while Gunn was the clear muscle.

They were perhaps midcarders at best when they were out there individually, but together, they had a touch of magic that made them arguably the most popular tag team of the Attitude Era. While they naturally wouldn’t rank in anyone’s list of all-time great in-ring performers, what they lacked in the ring, they completely made up for with their charisma.

They were all about the moments, and they were one of the important pieces in the puzzle that was the Attitude Era. From their formation to their later years, we take a look at some of their greatest moments.

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